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Think Big! 3 Ways to Grow Your Youth Sports Organization


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Thinking outside the box for fundraising, online presence, advertising, and your ever-expanding fan base is the key to growing your organization. Here's how–inspired by some of your favorite Olympians:

1. Be like Eddie–Resilient

In 1988, Britain had their first Olympic ski jumper in over 50 years - his name, 'Eddie the Eagle.'  Although Eddie landed in last place in both competition events, he is most noted for his perseverance and one-liners that made an impact. 

"Resilience can go an awful long way," Eddie stated, which is what you need when you're assigned the hefty duty of fundraising and sponsorships for your team.

As a parent, being assigned the job of going door-to-door to pool money for your team can be overwhelming. Especially if you're inheriting old files from the stone age. However, a sponsorship guide can be critical when pitching to local businesses. Creating the framework can create a holistic guide that clearly states the price range and what sponsors get in return (like their name on the team jersey). This guide can help fund your team for years to come once in place. 

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We know what you're thinking ––  "but how do I invoice? That's a lot of paperwork to keep track of." Well, let us introduce you to SportsEngine HQ's financial tools. If you're not using them yet, they're going to make your life easier and more productive. Invoice, collect payments, and track everything all in one place. 

Not interested in pitching to local businesses? Keep it simple by having friends and family help you fundraise in their day-to-day activities with programs like AmazonSmile and FlipGive. Earn cash back in a matter of clicks. 

2. Master the hardest tricks like Shaun White

The triple cork in snowboarding is no easy feat. As a matter of fact, it's the trick that landed Olympic snowboarding legend Shaun White in the hospital. The triple flip snowboarding trick was so difficult, he shelved it back in 2013. By 2018, Olympic silver medalist Ayumu Hirano had landed the first triple cork, clean. White saw it from the sidelines. Determined, he's now taking on Beijing with a vengeance. 

This is precisely the way your team should look at online presence –– like the competition might be passing you by. We're here to provide the framework for entering the game and mastering the most complex tricks –– Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Mastering the "Google Machine" isn't a walk in the park. That's why we've created an SEO series surrounding the topic. Let's start with the basics, though, like creating a mobile-friendly site.  In 2015, Google announced that its latest algorithm update would rank mobile-friendly sites higher than anyone else. This means your team or club's page could be buried under other listings. 

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In a world where everyone is on their phones, it is critical for your athletes and parents to quickly access schedules, news, and signups on the go. We live in a demand generation, and if your team's site is stuck in 2002, you may be left in the dust. Additionally, learning the basics of keywords, on-page SEO, and an internal linking strategy can get your site ahead of more families for years to come.

3. Inspire a crowd like Mikaela Shiffrin

It's no surprise we want you to align with this extraordinary Olympic skier. Despite the tragic loss of her father, Mikaela Shiffrin lined up 26 World Cup races in 2018/2019 season –– and won 17 of them! She ended the season as slalom, giant slalom, and super-G World Cup champion. Shiffrin's creativity, mental and physical strength are what keep her showing up time and time again. 

Having the tenacity to figure out what your judges (or, in this case, target audience) will most engage with is critical to driving in more athletes and families to your club. By developing a social media presence during, before, and after your season, you can make your programs more well-known to your community.

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Share your biggest wins, team highlights, and upcoming program registrations with compelling graphics. Boost posts through ad manager to create walking advertisements for your brand. Soon, your fans will be celebrating with you.

Additionally, an online apparel store for your team can be the final touch your team needs to raise more awareness. With SportsEngine Gear powered by SquadLocker, we've made it easy to select, order, and ship custom apparel direct to the families who love you. 

After all, what's not to celebrate about your team! You're impacting a community, providing a home for youth sport, and inspiring future athletes to achieve their dreams.

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