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Are you a LeagueAthletics customer navigating your way to SportsEngine HQ? We've received a lot of questions over the past several months, took your feedback, and broadcasted a live webinar to answer your questions. The biggest question was:

Will SportsEngine HQ be similar to LeagueAthletics?

SportsEngine HQ includes all the capabilities of LeagueAthletics, along with additional features such as a mobile app for teams, responsive websites, local customer support, and consistent product updates. Watch our recap of the live webinar to learn more.

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Live questions from the event

You asked, and we're here to answer.

Registration & Payments

Can we customize information that is requested from players at time of registration including required fields and a player image for player cards?

Yes, you can add customizable questions to the registration path. You can also, add images to be uploaded to the registration sessions. Learn more

If a parent selects the wrong team for their child, are administrators able to move the child to the correct team?

Yes, you can easily manage and update rosters using the rostering tool. Manage team rosters all in one place. Filter by registration or use the directory to find players to add to teams, transfer players, and manage rostered staff. Learn more

Can we mass email or text players and families who registered?

Yes. We have several messaging options available – including messaging teams, groups as well as your entire member directory. Learn more

Can we register and manage umpires in SportsEngine HQ?

Currently, no Officials Assignment tool is integrated into the SportsEngine service. We do, however, have suggestions for third-party services that offer this feature. Ask your SportsEngine representative for more information or contact a representative here.

Who is the payment processor?

Payment Processing is done directly through the SportsEngine Payment service. This allows financial services—including reporting, refunds and payment processing fees to be more integrated into your HQ system and significantly more robust than LeagueAthletics. 

Divisions & Teams

Can you reuse divisions and teams from one season to another?

Thank you for your inquiry. Our team is developing this feature and will be introduced to the SportsEngine platform in the near future!

Are we able to pull schedules and locations from the league site (Parent League) if they also use SportsEngine?

Yes! Parent Leagues that utilize our Pro Package can share information with affiliates on SportsEngine. Affiliated (child) organizations can utilize any of the SportsEngine Package offerings. Connect with a SportsEngine representative for more information.

Is there facility scheduling and a master schedule calendar like LeagueAthletics had?

Admins will have access to view all games and events for a season. They can filter these by dates, facility, division, and teams.  


Can you show us some examples of a team webisite?

Of course, check out these customer websites to learn more: 

Can we still access our old LeagueAthletics website?

Yes! You can access your LeagueAthletics site until your shutdown date through a secure URL. There will be no access to LeagueAthletics after that date. 

How can we migrate our old domain to SportsEngine HQ?

A member of our implementation team can help you with this process. Here is a helpful article to reference when Updating your Website Domain NameServer (DNS)

General Questions

How long does the migration process to SportsEngine HQ take?

We estimate around one month. Once you purchase SportsEngine HQ, a dedicated onboarding coach will help with initial setup, content migration, registration, and website.  

Where are pricing tiers located? What is the cost in future years?

You have the option to choose what's right for your organization. Most SportsEngine HQ customers find the Premium package to have the best capabilities to grow their organization. Find a complete package and feature breakdown here.  

In the mobile app can you keep players names private?

Teams can be set to Private or Public. If the team is set to Private, only team members (players, parents, and staff) will have access to the team information, including rosters. 

Can we import League Athletics customers into SE?

While SportsEngine does offer some import capabilities, we do not suggest mass importing your old member database. We do have some other options available. Ask your SportsEngine representative for more information, or connect with a representative here.

What features does the mobile app have?

Every club using SportsEngine HQ gets unlimited access to an integrated team mobile app. The SportsEngine mobile app keeps coaches, teams, and families connected all season long with schedules, chat, activity feeds, and more. Learn more about our mobile app here

Would love to know more about if the site is integrated with USA Lacrosse.

When entering a SportsEngine registration we can validate a USA Lacrosse membership ID before moving into the next steps of the registration session. Here is a helpful article on adding a USA Lacrosse Membership ID Validating Question to your registration session.  

Let's start your move

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