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Getting into Position: Water Polo

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Each team will have one goalkeeper and six field players. Unlike most sports, there is little positional play as each field player is often asked to play multiple positions over the course of a match. All six field players also have to play defense, which is usually mirrored from how they position on offense.

New to Water Polo - Positions

New to Water Polo - Center


Often the closest player to the net, and typically score the most goals for their team due to their close proximity. They’re also responsible for directing their team’s plays.

New to Water Polo - Wings


There are often two wing players in the pool for each team. They are located on or near the 2-meter line, just outside the goal posts.

New to Water Polo - Driver


They will start at the 5-meter line and then drive towards the net and pass the ball out to their teammates in hopes of generating better shots.

New to Water Polo - Point


There is one point for each team and they are usually lined up as the furthest player from the goal. They’re on, or behind, the 5-meter line and usually in the middle of the goal.

New to Water Polo - Goalkeeper


The goalkeeper’s main role in water polo is blocking shots. They are the only players allowed to punch the ball with a clenched fist, and touch the ball with two hands.

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