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Fundamentals of Water Polo

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It’s helpful to understand the basics of the game, and what to expect, before your child jumps into the pool for the first time.

New to Water Polo - Pool Size

New to Water Polo - Ball Size


A water polo team must have a minimum of seven players, which consists of six field players and one goalie. Each team is also allowed a certain number of bench players, as rosters can have a maximum of 13, 15, or 20 competitors, depending on the competition.

A team can substitute after a goal, between quarters, when one of its players is ejected, by a player leaving the field of play at the re-entry point nearest their own goal line, or during play between the goal line and centerline by the players touching hands before substituting.

New to Water Polo - Time


Each team tries to throw the ball into the net of their opponents, each goal is worth one point. A goal counts only when the ball goes completely across the goal line and into the goal.

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