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Dressed to Play: Water Polo

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Water polo balls vary in size based on the age of the player. They begin at Size 1 and work all the way up to Size 5, which is the regulated competition size. Other equipment used includes special swimwear since games take place in pools.

New to Water Polo - Caps


The water polo cap comes with protective coverings that go over a player’s ear and protects them from injury in the event that there is contact to the head. The caps also have a player’s number printed on them. Goalies are the only players who wear red caps, while their team traditionally wears white or blue caps depending on if they are home or away.

New to Water Polo - Goggles


Goggles cannot be worn during a game, but can be very helpful during warmups and swim sets, especially if your eyes are sensitive to chlorine.

New to Water Polo - Mouthguard


Mouthguards are not required based on the rules, but are highly recommended as a way to help further protect the player from injury.

New to Water Polo - Parka or Robe

Parka or Robe

Having a good swim parka or terry cloth robe can be important for a player to keep them warm when they are not participating in the pool.

New to Water Polo - Sunblock


This is less necessary for players who play at indoor pools, but is important for players who participate outdoors. Make sure it is waterproof to help protect your child while they are in the pool.

New to Water Polo - Swimsuit


Male competitors typically wear swimming briefs or thigh-length trunks, while female players are required to wear a one-piece suit. Most water polo players prefer to wear tight-fitting swimwear as it is common for opponents to grab onto each other’s suits during a game.

New to Water Polo - Towel


Having a good towel to dry off with after games is important. But if you are looking to save space then consider getting a smaller, more absorbent, chamois cloth.

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