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Setting Drills to Train Proper Technique and Eliminate Bad Habits


Setters touch the ball more than anyone else in a volleyball match, therefore it's critical that coaches find ways to get their setters as many setting repetitions as possible. Even more important, is the quality of the touches on the ball, so the setter is developing proper habits to be able to deliver a clean, hittable set. Here are drills to train proper setting habits, and eliminate the bad ones.

Common Bad Habits of Setting:

  1. Poor footwork: setters should be stepping to the ball with a left foot, then right foot and transferring their weight through the ball (finish on right foot).
  2. Hands are drawn too low: hands should be above forehead, thumbs by hairline
  3. Follow through is not to target: hands should freeze to where you want the set to go. Hands should stay close together.
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