What To Look For In Recruits? Basketball Coach Marlon Stewart Explains

Marlon Stewart (@TheCoachStew) is an Assistant Coach with the Oregon State men’s basketball program (@BeaverMBB). He served as the program’s Director of Basketball Operations during the 2018-19 season. Stewart was an assistant coach at the University of Hawai’i in 2017-18 and helped lead the Rainbow Warriors to a 17-13 record.

In this video, Stewart explains four things he looks for in recruits that coaches might miss if they aren't looking:

  • Confidence (not arrogance)...if they lack that confidence, Coach Stewart looks for...

  • Does that player want to be coached and pushed?

  • Student-athletes who are looking to help the ones around them

  • How a player acts when they're on the bench: do they sulk or do they look to improve and get excited about their teammates success?

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