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The Olympic silver medallist teaches us how to get creative with resistance bands

About Jazz

When and where did you begin this sport?

She began swimming as a baby, at age five months, with her father. She later joined the Tigersharks swimming club in Swindon, England.

Why this sport?

"My dad used to take me to the local swimming pool when I was younger. I began to get competitive with my dad and have little races against him."


Jazz, Pitbull ["My coach called me Pitbull because he said that I've got that drive and determination and sometimes he has to pull me back. It's definitely a funny name to be called, but it's a nice compliment."] (Twitter profile,18 Dec 2018; bbc.co.uk, 30 Sep 2010; jazzcarlin.com, 08 Mar 2013)

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