One Team The Power of Sports: Detroit Ice Dreams

Jason McCrimmon was 3-years-old his mom enrolled him in a hockey program at their local rink in Detroit. He took advantage of the opportunities that hockey offered and he got to play in college and the minor professional levels. But when he returned to his hometown to find the community hockey program disbanded, he knew he had to build the program back up to provide opportunities to kids in his hometown.

In just a few years, Detroit Ice Dreams has already seen players excel on competitive junior teams and earn college scholarships. But in this community, they never forget where they came from. 

"If you can start here, and then come back at a different level to give back to the kids here, is just amazing."

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Hosted by Corey Robinson, this series shines a light on people who have used sports to overcome obstacles or to help their community. Viewers will learn the value of acceptance, and how everyone deserves a fair shot in life. No matter the level of competition, "One Team: The Power of Sports" demonstrates the impact sports can have on people, regardless of their gender, background or the color of their skin. 

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