Home Workout with Valentina Marchei - Fully Body Workout For a Figure Skater

Need a home workout routine? Learn from Italian figure skater Valentina Marchei.

About Marchei

Valentina was born on 23rd May 1986 in Milan, Italia.

Daughter of the marathon athlete Marco Marchei, she began to skate when she was 7 years old, after a brief experience on roller-skates.

She competed through the 2013/2014 as single skater earning prestigious results year after year, culminated in taking part in the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014, and 4th place at the European Championships 2012/2013.

Radiant, determined and always looking for the next challenge, since the season 2014/2015 she started her new career in Pair Skating with Ondrej Hotarek. Her speciality is an explosive interpretation of the choreography, and the triple Lutz side-by-side with Ondrej. They are one out of three pairs in the world to perform this jumps!

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