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Workout like boxer Ramla Ali and 'Go Forward!'

About Ramla

Born in Mogadishu, she and her family fled the Somali capital in the early 1990s after her elder brother, 12, was killed by a mortar while playing outside during the civil war. They ended up in London where Ramla started practicing boxing despite the opposition of her family.

Despite her early defeat against Morocco’s Doaa Toujani, Ramla is not a newcomer in the noble art. While competing in England she went all the way through to become the first Muslim woman to win an English boxing title. She has now become a role model and an inspiration for lots of young girls trying to follow Ramla’s footprints.

Now Ramla, who is an IMG model and a brand ambassador for Nike, Coach, and Pantone, hopes to add "Olympian" to her resume as she sets her sights on gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

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