3 Must-Use Strategies For Coaches To Gain Support From Parents

Oliver Luck is the NCAA's Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. Prior to this position, Luck was the Athletic Director at West Virginia University. He was an NFL quarterback and is the father of Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback, Andrew Luck.

Created through PCA's national partnership with USA Football, this video shares Oliver Luck's perspective on how to get the support of parents in youth sports.

First, Luck believes it is important to set expectations ahead of time. Second, Luck states that "over-communicating" with parents is important to success. Third, he emphasizes the importance of an open-door policy to keep in contact with parents during the season.

Lastly, Luck states that as a youth coach he ensured he treated the team as if they were his own children, by setting aside time for them and staying engaged and interested.

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