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Dressed to Swim

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There aren’t many mandatory articles of clothing for swimming. Most of the items your child will use in the water will assist them and make them more aerodynamic.

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Swimming Suit

Competitive swimmers wear special, form-fitting suits designed to help keep them aerodynamic as they spin through the air and enter the water while allowing more flexibility. Men typically wear suits called “Jammers” or “Briefs,” and women typically wear a one-piece swimsuit.

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Swim Cap

These tight caps go over a swimmer’s head. They cover the athlete’s hair to help reduce drag in the water. Some swimmers choose to shave their head instead of wearing a swim cap.

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This eyewear helps protect the swimmer from chlorine in the pool and helps them see underwater.

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Ear Plugs

Not everyone wears ear plugs while swimming, but they do help keep water out of your ears, which can prevent swimmer’s ear.

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Nose Clip

These optional clips pinch the nose shut to prevent water from going up the swimmer’s nose. They’re great for beginners to learn how to control their breathing, especially when working on flip turns.

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Many swimmers use their own towels to dry off after competing in the pool.

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Swim Parka

These jackets keep competitors warm in between their races.

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Swimmers will wear sandals with good grips on the bottom to help them walk around the wet deck.

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