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Triple-Impact Competitor

A Triple-Impact Competitor® is an athlete who works to improve oneself, teammates, and the game as a whole. These individuals play a special role in Positive Coaching Alliance’s mission to turn high school and youth sports into a Development ZoneTM, developing better athletes and better people.

Being a Triple-Impact Competitor is not easy. It requires commitment and sacrifice. Here are the three levels in which a Triple-Impact Competitor works:

1. Self

A Triple-Impact Competitor is committed to improving him or herself, always looking for ways to perform better.

2. Teammates

Help your teammates through positive reinforcement and by prioritizing team success. It’s hard to look beyond oneself, but a Triple-Impact Competitor focuses on helping others.

3. The Game

With an underlying respect for the rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and self, a Triple-Impact Competitor strives to make the game better.