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Herm Edwards Just Gave Everyone in America a High 5: Who Will You High 5?

PCA High 5

Herm Edwards gave everyone in America a High 5, saying “we are all on the same team now, in sports and in life.” You can catch Herm’s High 5, and lots of great advice from Herm on how to navigate through these times, it’s all here on PCA’s Facebook Live.

Herm isn’t the only giving out High 5s these days. Kristine Lilly rolled the ball out on Twitter and Instagram to Abby Wambach with a High 5 for getting on the end of her crosses. The Director of the Boston Celtics Jr NBA Sam Taub lobbed a High 5 to a Jr NBA coach who keeps him motivated with daily quotes, workouts, and more. Little League President Chris Fay gave a High 5 to all the other Little League Presidents who are working so hard to salvage a season safely for young players. PCA Trainer Rachel Wood sent High 5s to young athletes who are working so hard on their own and with virtual coaching. And the list goes on, just check out the #High5Challenge to see High 5s to Dr. Colleen Hacker, Isaiah Kacyvenski, and so many more people across the country who care about kids and sports done right, and who understand the power of positive.

PCA has started a wave of virtual High 5s that is cascading across the country from New England to Tampa Bay, from Chicago to Austin, and from LA to Portland. Why? Because PCA understands the power of positive, when you lift someone up, or “fill their emotional tank” with truthful, specific praise it makes a difference. Now more than ever, we need to help each other get through these times and emerge ready to play. If there is a teammate you miss, or you have a teammate at home, work, or school who is helping you through this crisis, sending them a High 5 will lift them up. Teams that understand that positivity drives peak performance have more fun, and thrive on and off the field. Make a difference, join the wave, and lift someone up.

Who will you High 5?