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Everything You Need to Know about Kids’ Media and Technology

It seems like every day brings a new app, streaming service, or digital platform. And, just when you think you understand your kids' relationship with one, a new favorite emerges. Navigating these tech waters has never been more challenging. Sensical has distilled the major 2023 trends in kids' media so you can be more thoughtful about how and when you and your kids engage.

5 Trends in Kids' Media

1. The living room is BACK! 

Kids and families are increasingly watching TV together in the living room. Sure, each family member is probably still watching videos on their personal devices. Still, families are increasingly finding the joy and connection in spending time together in front of the TV—so embrace it and make the most of that co-viewing time!​

2. Child protections are expanding from "under 13" to "under 18"

Digital platforms, games, and brands connecting with anyone under 18 increasingly find themselves in the crosshairs of government scrutiny. New regulations are compelling companies to invest in kid tech. The newly passed California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act requires general-audience sites/apps that are "likely to be accessed" by users under 18 to install appropriate protections and safety standards. And, new legislation in Utah, going into effect next year, requires parental permission and has increased restrictions for users under 18.

3. AI not intelligent enough for kids

Artificial Intelligence may make headlines and dazzle users by generating art, text, and search at lightning speed. But, for now, AI isn't good enough to identify and program appropriate videos for kids without humans at the controls. ​Parents must rely on companies like Sensical to ensure the content their kids watch is safe and age-appropriate.

4. User-generated content and gaming platforms are more popular with kids than traditional streaming services

Kids continue to explore authentic, interest-driven content that fuels their passions and have migrated to UGC and gaming platforms like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite. Kids' demand for this creator-driven content has soared—and parents need a place where their kids can safely engage with the UGC they want and love. Sensical has vetted and approved a library of short-form video content from top kids' gamers playing their favorites, including Roblox and Minecraft. Sensical even launched an entire live channel—Sensical Gaming—dedicated to safe, age-appropriate gameplay videos. 

5. Parents are demanding action to encourage kids' positive mental health

As younger users clamor for engaging digital experiences, parents are demanding content that reinforces positive self-esteem. Kids' mental health is becoming even more central to the cultural conversation, and parents expect that digital platforms take responsibility for their contributions to this national health crisis.​ Common Sense Media has gathered a collection of resources to help arm parents with the necessary tools.

Technology and content for kids are constantly changing, and parents sometimes need help keeping up with new media trends. Companies like Sensical make it easier to understand what is age-appropriate and stay in the know about what their kids are watching!

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