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7 Great Sports Shows for Your Sports-Obsessed Kid

Sensical, the streaming app for kids 2–10, features tons of content to develop and foster your child's interests in sports and physical activity. All curated by child development experts based on age and interest, they can watch a wide range of content in a safe and age-appropriate viewing experience. The best part? It's free.

Here are seven Sensical series favorites

1. How Ridiculous

Do you have a kid who's always on the move? How Ridiculous is the perfect show for young thrill-seekers who are always on the hunt for their next challenge. Watch as a group of friends sets out to achieve impressive and record-breaking stunts, like dropping 250 Basketballs from 45 Meters in the air to score as many baskets as possible! Or, together, predict which will land first when dropped from a bridge — a soccer ball or basketball. In addition to delivering some out-of-this-world feats, this show explains the mechanics behind engineering phenomena, helping kids expand their complex reasoning skills and sense of wonder while developing scientific explanations for everyday life.

How Ridiculous









2. No Days Off

This original docu-series features relatable young athletes and their journey to achieve their goals. Each No Days Off profile follows a single athlete as they train with their support systems to be the best in their sports. From the unstoppable Colton Smith, an 11-year-old football phenom who is an all-around champ both on the field and in the classroom, to 12-year-old Demarjay Smith, aka the Young Jamaican Trainer who is one of the most motivating people you'll ever meet, kids are introduced to driven young athletes they can relate to and learn from — the word "can't" isn't in their vocabulary! Several episodes highlight young basketball prodigies like 9-year-old Jaliyah Manuel, who doesn't just hope to play in the NBA, she KNOWS she will! From track to Jiu-Jitsu, these spectacular kids are truly inspirational.

No Days Off









3. Will John

Will John (aka GOLUREMI) is a former professional soccer (aka football) player whose YouTube channel boasts more than 900K subscribers. In this how-to series, Will John hosts tutorials from professional footballers on how to improve your game and your life. Inspired by world-class players like Neymar da Silva, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo, Will John teaches skills to help you dominate the field. Follow along to learn new skills and strategies to improve your game. From fast feet and ball juggling to juking the keeper and striking with precision, Will John shows you how to train like a pro!

Will John









4. I LOVE 

I LOVE features real kids sharing what they absolutely LOVE to do. Each episode profiles one child as they show and tell what they're absolutely passionate about. Episodes feature a variety of activities, including sports, dance, art, and more. Kids can enjoy learning about young athletes' stories, including a gymnast's love of the camaraderie and opportunity to mentor younger gymnasts, a baseball player's fascination with the sport — reading about it, watching it, sharing with his dad, and of course playing; and a hockey player who shows off his moves and shares his thoughts on sportsmanship. This series will get kids thinking about what they LOVE.










5. Get Handles

With more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, the Get Handles basketball franchise brings you awesome basketball moves, ball handling, shooting, scoring, and athleticism like the pros! This basketball training series features tutorials, secrets, drills, exercises, and much more. Individual episodes include pro-training basketball drills that kids can do at home, no matter their level of ability. Kids can learn tips to boost their shooting percentage in minutes by refining where to aim and demonstrating shooting form. Even tips for simple breathing exercises so kids can be confident and calm even if they're nervous about a high-pressure game. Get Handles shows everyone how to play like the pros and beyond so all kids can reach their dreams.

Get Handles









6. Learn How to Dance

This series features all of the latest dances with easy step-by-step instructions. The Learn How to Dance tutorials are perfect for dancers of every level to learn the trendiest TikTok and Fortnite dances. Bao, the instructor, starts each lesson by breaking down the fast footwork without the music, then adds the track so our dancers can perfect their moves. With routines easy enough for beginners to follow and beats that'll stay in your head, your kid's newest dance routine may have to turn into a duet!

Learn to Dance










Sometimes you have to start small to go BIG! Kick It! Great Football Heroes tells the early trials and tribulations of superstar soccer players. In a mixture of live action and animation, episodes portray the childhood stories of such famous football players as Pele and Lionel Messi and reinforce that success takes a whole lot of dedication, persistence, and hard work. Each episode illustrates the importance of friendship and self-confidence and underscores how important it is to dream big. Viewers may be inspired to overcome obstacles to achieve their own sports and in life!

Kick It! Great Football Heros 









The Sensical app has great family-friendly videos from beloved YouTube creators and athletes sure to inspire the next generation of sports stars!

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