[father of two,
coach of twenty]
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with direct access to the youth sports audience in your market.

Grow your audience, grow the game.

SportsEngine ProConnect is delivering the highly targeted youth & amateur sports audience to professional sports franchises – and building meaningful connections with the future of the game in the process.

[father of two, coach of twenty] [future superfan] [team mom]
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3 ways to win the youth & amateur audience with ProConnect.


The Network

Control ad messages and content on the websites of youth & amateur organizations across your entire market.



Build THE online home for the game and monetize millions of visitors.


Member Management

Take your team's kids clubs, fan clubs, group plans, donors, camps, clinics and coaching programs to the next level.

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The Network

How valuable would it be for your team to control advertising and content on the websites of every youth & amateur organization in your sport, across your entire market?

Now imagine the ability to update your message on all of those websites at once. Make a change on your end, and it’s made across hundreds of websites at the same time – whether it’s a new ticket offer from your team, a message from a brand sponsor, or a news story.


Because that means timely, consistent communication – all delivered straight to a targeted audience of athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers, and fans. Guaranteed.

SportsEngine ProConnect makes it all possible with The Network.

SportsEngine ProConnect: The Network

We create it

  • Network of youth/amateur association websites in your team’s impact area
  • You fund the websites, we build & manage them

You control it

  • Ad space for your in-house promotions
  • Ad space to resell to your sponsors
  • Designated content areas for team news, videos, etc.

Everybody wins

Local sports clubs receive a user-friendly, beautifully designed website, while you reach and monetize a highly targeted audience

Your message ‘mirrored’

Thanks to SportsEngine’s Mirroring technology, managing your message on every website in The Network couldn’t be easier.

Mirroring allows certain page elements – like a newsfeed or ad – to be seen on all your networked websites. Make an edit to one mirrored element on your end, and the change is reflected throughout your entire network.

The ease of the SportsEngine platform has helped us reach more families, and allowed us to do more for the local hockey community than we ever could before. It’s been incredibly important in helping us keep those personal connections with individual associations.”

Jason Schofield
Manager of Group Ticket Sales
Colorado Avalanche

Bottom Line

Youth associations
Annual page views per associationPage views
Number of ads @ $10 per CPMAds @ $10/CPM

*conservative annual revenue estimate


We’ll help you build THE online home for your sport in your market.

Your Hubsite is a one-stop shop of content, scores, schedules, top players and top performers. Celebrate the accomplishments, events and athletes across the local youth and amateur landscape while you also...

  • Attract millions of fans each year and monetize traffic
  • Build fan affinity by providing a service for lovers of the sport
  • Create a strong sense of community within your sport
  • Develop a direct line of communication with a core audience
  • Expand opportunities for your brand sponsors

With your Hubsite, SportsEngine helps you create something of true, lasting value. For your franchise.

And for the game.

Minnesota Hockey Hub

Minnesota Hockey Hub receives 12 Million page views per year

Bottom Line

Annual page views per associationPage views
Number of ads @ $10 per CPMAds @ $10/CPM

*conservative annual revenue estimate

Member Management

Fan clubs, kids clubs, camps, and clinics bring your fans closer to the team. SportsEngine Member Management increases the power of the ProConnect Network by connecting local athletes and fans with your community programs. Move every parent, athlete, and fan from local sports websites into one comprehensive member management system – constantly growing and updating details about your audience in one place.

  • Link sign-ups to every network website at once
  • Collect, store, and sort member data
  • Use member history to create targeted offers
  • Customize member profiles and unlimited membership types
  • Easy membership renewals and upgrades
  • Secure online processing of all payment types

Collect. Share. Communicate. Organize. Take fan engagement to a whole new level with SportsEngine Member Management.

SportsEngine Member Management

Offer ticket, club, clinic or promotional signups within the network

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