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The SportsEngine Platform

Create a better experience for your volunteers, coaches, parents, fans, and athletes with access to all of our online tools and support services.

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Create and manage a mobile-friendly club website.

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Enable full team management for your coaches and families including team chat, messaging, RSVPs, schedules, and notifications.

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Send, track, collect, and generate reports on bill requests made to members and teams.

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League Management

Create and manage schedules, stats, and standings for leagues of any size.

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Protect your athletes, their families, and your organization—both on and off the field—through industry-leading safety and security programs.

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We’re part of your team

When you win, we win. Whether your mission is to grow your organization or to provide the best possible experience for your athletes, we want to help you achieve your goals. That’s why you’ll always have access to our top-rated Customer Success Team and help resources.


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What our customers have to say

We reduced our registration, data management, and rostering time by 75%.

Kevin P

Eagle mustang football

SportsEngine is simply so much easier to use and navigate than the competition.

Champ B

LA Clippers youth basketball

Everyone I’ve worked with at SportsEngine has been great, and when I don’t want to call or email, I can live chat with them on their website or watch tutorial videos to help answer my questions.

Jenny S

Phoenix rising volleyball club

With SportsEngine, we're receiving 100% of our requested payments for the first time.

Beth J

Mt. Rainer futbol club


Are there any obligations during the demo?

Absolutely not, the demo is completely free and we simply ask if you can't make the meeting or reschedule, that you let us know in advance.

How do I get help if I have questions on any of my tools?

We have many resources to help you get the most out of SportsEngine HQ. There is a help experience within SportsEngine HQ that presents contextual help information wherever you are on the platform. If you need additional help, you can chat online or schedule an appointment to talk with our customer success team. Plus, our Community forum is filled with other SportsEngine users that can help answer questions and share their own advice on how to get the most out of SportsEngine.

How long does a demo take?

A demo can take anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hour depending on how many questions you have or how in detail you want our team to go on specific features.

What is the cost?

For each organization the price is a little different. After we understand your organization needs, our territory manager can go over the possible set up options that best suit your organization’s needs.

If your organization wants to use our full platform, our standard pricing is $79/month or $799/year as long as you use the registration feature.

What capabilities does SportsEngine HQ Premium have?

It is a "one stop shop" and streamlined system to have your organization run off of. Combines website building, online signups, payment tracking, member management, team communication between parents and coaches,  safety/background screens, etc. all in one.

The tools you need to get the job done right

Simplify the way your teams operate off the field and provide a better experience for your athletes and fans with SportsEngine’s online tools.

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Custom and secure online registration for sports clubs, leagues, and events — available on any device.

3- Day Funding

Our 3-day online payment processing means faster access to funds so you can move your mission forward.

Secure Payments

Protect your organization and your members’ private data with secure payment processing that complies with PCI Level 1 guidelines.

Powerful Reporting

Access member and financial data in real-time with custom reports to get the information you need, when you need it.

Financial Tracking

Detailed transaction reports let you monitor balances, deposits, refunds, anticipated cash flows, expired cards, failed payments, and more.

Dynamic Populating Forms

Signups react based on members’ responses, and make it impossible for parents and athletes to sign up for the wrong program.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Members can sign up from any device, anywhere – without pinching, scrolling, and zooming.

Discount Codes and Payment Plans

Remove cost barriers for families through multi-child/family discounts, flexible payment plans, and automated charges.

Seamless Rostering

Use athlete profiles created during registration to build team rosters and set up communications channels between coaches and families to chat, message, and share schedules.

People Profiles

Filter your members, send messages, request payments, and view historical data from a single dashboard.

Groups & Rosters

Create static groups for easy communication with regular contacts or build a smart group that updates itself based on your search criteria.

Sitebuilder icon


Build and manage a mobile-friendly sports website with easy-to-use inline editing technology, informational widgets, and dedicated team pages with unlimited storage.

Fully Responsive

Your website will automatically adjust to fit the user’s device and provide the same great experience every time.

Manage Permissions

Determine and set permissions of who can and can’t see certain information or pages to increase data security and the privacy of personal information. Create private pages, assign administrative access, and make sure messages are only sent to those who need to see them.

Drag & Drop Editor

Add, edit, and arrange content directly on the page without needing any coding or web development skills.

Mirror Content

Create a page element once, then mirror it on other pages throughout your website or affiliate websites.

Built for Sports

Every tool, widget, and page element your organization needs comes built-in with the platform.

Dedicated Team Pages

Give every team in your organization a space to share schedules, scores, stats, news, and video with their fans.

Team Calendars

Put every team event in one place and let members sync it to their Google Calendar or iCal.

Custom Websites

Organizations that want more options can work with our talented team of designers who will skillfully blend your organization’s brand with thoughtfully laid out messaging.

Team Management icon

Team Management

Get everything you need to create and manage teams, connect with families, generate schedules, and more.


Create and share events, games, and practices on team and league calendars.

Availability Tracking

Collect RSVPs with automated emails for parents and coaches.

Communication Tool

Message, email, and text contacts and teams for free.

Apparel Store and Fundraising Tools

Build a custom apparel store and raise funds online with free built-in tools.

Guardian Accounts

Parents can set up any number of guardians for their athletes, so families of all shapes and sizes can stay connected.

Simple Roster Management

Add athletes to your roster and easily generate guardian contact lists for use offline.

Safety icon


Protect your athletes, their families, and your organization, both on and off the field.

Background Checks

Ensure every coach and volunteer at your organization has the right character for the job.

User Permissions

Protect the personal and financial information of your members with account-level permissions that prevent unauthorized users from accessing confidential data.

Member Verification

Ensure that only athletes with active memberships can sign up with built-in membership verification for participating National Governing Bodies.

Platform Reliability and Security

SportsEngine uses Amazon Web Services’ secure, 256-bit encryption to process your payments, store your organization’s data, and comply with PCI Level 1 security guidelines.

Invoicing icon


Send, track, collect, and generate reports on bill requests made to members and teams.

Simplified Billing

Create bills for anything not covered by the registration fee, and send them straight to your members’ inboxes.

Mobile Payments

Parents can settle-up quickly and securely from their phones, and club administrators can keep track of who’s paid.

Smart Groups

Create smart groups to set up auto-statements and auto-reminders, coordinate mass billing, and view outstanding balances.

User Permissions

Ensure proper financial oversight and transparency by managing access to a central record of all transactions and balances for your organization.

Instant Notifications

Users receive automatic notifications whenever a bill is sent or a payment is made.

Centralized Balances

Allow members to view all outstanding bills and completed payments from within SportsEngine.

More Ways to Pay

Parents can select to pay bills by credit card or directly from their bank account.

Cross-Session Reports

Pull detailed reports on your organization’s members and finances across multiple registrations and seasons.

Tournament Management Icon

Tournament Management

Manage every aspect of your tournament — brackets, schedules, scores, and standings.

Round Builder

Create and customize divisions with pool play, bracket, or custom game rounds.


Quickly and accurately identify who moves on, then use the drag and drop editor to make changes before moving to the next round.

Printable Reports

Pre-formatted reports for venue schedules, brackets, or standings can be printed and posted in seconds.

Flexible Standings

Use dozens of pre-loaded scoring and ranking criteria for every sport to record and share results.

Multi-game Editing

When severe weather strikes or conflicts arise, quickly update several (or all) game times and locations all at once. Then, notify participants of the change through text, chat, or email.

Calendar View

See every time slot and venue in an interactive calendar to create a balanced schedule and avoid conflicts.

League icon

League Management

Organize and manage your team or league, set up new seasons, keep records, share scores, display standings, and create a network of dedicated team pages.

Manage Seasons

Set up new seasons, keep records of previous seasons, and separate regular season play from the postseason.


Keep fans updated with real-time scoring and stats from every game around the league.

Stats & Standings

Create customized displays that track stats and standings by pre-, post-, or regular season, then share them on sites across your league.

Multi-site Networking

Link all the websites within your league to create consistent network-wide navigation and the ability to share league content.


Add, edit, and organize content on every page with built-in widgets for every sport.

Dedicated Team Pages

Give every team in your organization a space to share schedules, scores, stats, news, and video with their fans.

Mobile App Icon

Mobile App

Access all your SportsEngine tools on the go—create and share schedules, generate rosters, chat and message with families, share photos, check RSVPs, and more.

Team Messaging

Keep everyone up-to-date and connected with free team text, live chat, messages, and notifications for coaches, families, athletes, and team managers.

Team Schedules

Add a practice, game, or meeting with all the details. Invite your entire roster or specific athletes all at once.

Personal Event Schedule

Events for multiple teams can be combined on one convenient calendar, giving families with multiple athletes and league admins a quick glance of their entire week.

Availability Tracking

Get RSVPs from athletes for scheduled events—letting coaches know who will be there, and who won’t.

Live Scoring

Enter scores in real-time and post results for team followers as soon as they’re final.


Quickly add individual athletes to rosters and save player data, including photos and stats.


Multiple guardians can be added to an athlete's account and can communicate, RSVP, and interact with the team.

Activity Feed

The latest team and organization news, content, and photos are all in one place to keep everyone engaged and up-to-date.

Fundraising Icon


Drive revenue for your organization and raise money for anything you need—from uniforms to travel expenses—easier than ever before with sponsorship and fundraising tools.

Find Sponsors

Find local sponsors, generate proposal letters, and create website, email, and registration sponsorship programs to help cover your operating costs.

Promote Your Events

Find local sponsors, generate proposal letters, and create website, email, and registration sponsorship programs to help cover your operating costs.

Sell Team Gear Online

Create an online store to let athletes, coaches, and fans purchase customized apparel from the most popular brands while raising extra money for your organization.

Access Powerful Fundraising Apps

Benefit from SportsEngine Marketplace partners to create online crowdfunding campaigns, earn cash by shopping online, and more.

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Full Access to entire Support Team, Sponsorship App, SportsEngine Listing, Squad Locker, and more.

Free SportsEngine.com Listing

Claim your organization’s listing on SportsEngine.com and promote your programs to families in your area.

Player’s Health

Keep your athletes safe by monitoring injuries and treatments, and giving parents control over when they return to play.


Remove the risk in your refund policy and allow members to purchase registration insurance that refunds their fees in the event of an injury or schedule conflict.

Sponsorship App

Find and contact potential sponsors to build a sponsorship program that monetizes your website, emails, and registrations.

Tournament Poster Creator

Create posters and flyers for your next tournament that you can print out or share online.

Volunteer Management

Organize your event volunteers and let them create, claim, and complete tasks from a mobile dashboard.

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