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SportsEngine Developers

Our API provides you direct access to the entire SportsEngine platform giving you limitless possibilities to build apps and share data.

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SportsEngine API Features

Single Sign-On

Give your users the ability to use their SportsEngine account to authenticate to your application or website. (FastHockey and iScore do this today)

Schedule Events

Access team, league, conference schedules to display them in your application or to make any changes via your application.

Teams and Rosters

Team rosters, athlete data, athlete photos, and individual athlete statistics.

Stats and Standings

Access to stats and standings for any team, league, association, or club.

Games and Results

Access individual team games, scores, game status, and results.


Create, access, post news articles for any SportsEngine website

Photos and Videos

Each team on SportsEngine collects photos, videos and posts related to their team.

Page Content

Create, update, remove content from any SportsEngine page

Current API Samples/Integrations

iScore and SportsEngine


iScore pushes data collected with their popular scoring app, directly to SportsEngine for website publishing.

Star Tribune and SportsEngine

Star Tribune Mobile Apps

Minnesota's largest newspaper utilizes the SportsEngine API to grab scores for their popular sports apps.

SportsEngine branded mobile app

SportsEngine Branded & Tourney Mobile

SportsEngine utilizes the API to collect and push data directly to mobile apps for clients.

Interested in integrating your application with our platform?

Tell us a little about your product and we'll circle back.