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Tourney updated with new calendar view, printable reports and dynamic refresh

April 02, 2014


Tourney Enhancements

Since releasing Tourney last fall, we’ve been working on making it the gold standard in tournament management solutions. This week, we’ve updated Tourney with a few features that have been requested by several organizations that we’ve been working with.

Calendar View

One of the most common pieces of feedback that we’ve received is that tournament managers and schedulers would like a more visual representation of all of their games. While game lists can be convenient for scorers, it’s not ideal for those managing a large schedule. We introduced an all new calendar view into Beta a few months back and are thrilled that it is now available for everyone.

Dynamic Refreshing

It’s pretty common for multiple users in an organization to be using and updating information at the same time. In order to avoid outdated data on your screen, updates are now shown within seconds of being changed, even if multiple users are in your tournament.

Printable Reports

Many of our customers love using Tourney and Tourney Mobile to share stats, schedules, and standings but still need to print these off to place in areas that don’t have ways to connect to the internet. These situations occur regularly in some rinks, for referees in the field, or for people who choose to leave their phones in the car. Starting today, you can print off any of 6 pre-formatted reports to post anywhere.

Finally, we’ve released some other speed and performance updates that we know you’ll appreciate.

Learn more about Tourney and set up a demo here.