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New Tourney release streamlines division set up, introduces custom format building & new advancement feature

August 11, 2014


Tourney enhancements

Our last update to Tourney, was largely an “under the hood” update focused on performance enhancements to make everything work faster. These updates greatly enhanced managing your tournament and we’ve received a ton of positive feedback. This month, we’re excited to share quite possibly the most significant feature enhancements that Tourney has ever seen.

Blowing up outdated processes, Tourney is already transforming the way hundreds of tournaments are managed. With today’s updates, we’re making it easier to prepare for your tournament and have opened support for tournaments of all sizes and formats.

What’s new and improved?

Creating and managing divisions: The most significant change in how you’ll interact with Tourney is now managing nearly all your tournament configurations from from place, Divisions. Previously, you needed to know your entire tournament structure before adding any divisions or teams. Today, we’ve eliminated this extra step and you’ll set your tournament format simultaneously while building your divisions, a much more practical, and streamlined, approach.

Custom format builder: Tourney has been revamped to make the process of setting up your tournament more intuitive and flexible. After adding your core tournament information including; tie breakers, game limits and standings rules, you’ll go to the new Divisions tab to complete setup. In addition to choosing any of the pre-loaded tournament templates, you now have the ability to assemble your own formats by adding as many rounds and stages as you need. This immediately makes Tourney a better tool for a wider variety of tournament formats.

New Advancement section: Another upgrade is that you’ll find a new section under your Schedule tab for Advancement. The process of advancing teams is no longer buried in the standings section where you weren’t able to easily view the results. Now, once a round of play is complete, simply navigate to the Advancement section to quickly advance your teams. Best of all, you can now see your standings, advance your teams, and watch how they seed into the next round all in one screen. Instant gratification!

We’re proud to provide an unmatched level of training and support for Tourney, starting with set up all the way through championship play. Our expert Tourney Services team will make sure that you are set up for success leading up to your tournament, and are available to support you during game play, even over the weekend. When planning your next tournament, take a look at the training video above, or view it here for a complete walk through of the updated setup process and for more tips to simplify tournament management.