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New changes to League help you manage all your league information from one place

August 13, 2014


As the new season approaches, athletes are filled with anticipation of strong competition, great fun and new challenges. Though, we know that for league managers, it’s a big task to add all of your league, division, team, season, player and coach information to the league website each year. Today, we’re excited to share that now you can manage nearly all of your league information in a single place.

No longer will you need to jump back and forth from page to page to create and make changes to your league pages. Additionally, new features let you upload a spreadsheet and populate your team and player pages in seconds.

Enter data easier in Sport Management

The Sport Management tab in your Admin Control Panel is now command central for managing your league.

You can start by entering core information for your league, division, team and season all from the Sport Management tab. Or, simply upload a spreadsheet using the provided template and each of these pages will be added instantly.

Save time with Content Templates

Here’s a tip, before you create your season, create content templates for your division and team. Then, when you create the season, you’ll be prompted to choose what template you want to use. This template will be applied to every corresponding page. Templates are an incredible time saver because you only need to layout the page once. Plus, if you ever need to make a change, it’s instantly reflected across all pages.

Quickly upload player information

After the season is created, it’s time to add players. When you’re using SportsEngine Registration, you can automatically roster your players directly from the registration session. Even if your organization is not using Registration, we make it simple to add athletes. From Sport Management, add your players and coaches, either individually or in one shot by uploading a spreadsheet.

Simply create player and coach profiles

Add a number of information fields to your spreadsheet and give your fans a way to connect with your players and coaches like never before. Not only can you add the basics like height, age and position to player profiles, but you can now include favorite movies, music and quotes, and dozens of personal tidbits to bring life and personality to your team members. Use these options to make your coaches bios stand out as well.

Make updates all from one place

Now that you’ve completed your league setup (in record time!), surely you’ll discover reasons to make changes and updates throughout the season. Where you used to have to find the individual page to update or move it, you now can make changes directly from the Sport Management tab. A couple of these time-savers include the ability to transfer players to another team or connect players to an existing SportsEngine profile.

Get started with a step-by-step video

Now that we’ve made it quicker and easier to access and update your league information, impress your visitors with stand-out league pages on your website. Watch this helpful video to get step-by step instruction and get started setting up the upcoming season today.