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Integrate your SportsEngine website with your Facebook page, import a calendar on your website, and add an interactive map

May 30, 2014


Efficiency was the theme for our last Sitebuilder release with new connected templates, content variables and website search functionality. Have you added the new Google search bar to your site yet?

Today, we want to highlight a few tools that are now available for you to enhance your website and increase engagement with fans, parents, athletes and your community.

Integrate Facebook with your site

Facebook Integration

Facebook is used by pretty much everyone and for many, it’s a website they visit daily. You can now show your website, schedule, roster or any other page on your website directly on your team or organization’s Facebook page. No special programming experience necessary! Just follow the steps in this How-to video and you’ll see how easy it is give your fans everything they want to know directly via your Facebook page.

iCal Event Feed

It’s incredibly simple to add events from an existing external calendar to your SportsEngine calendar. Simply insert an iCal url in your settings, and events will fill in on your calendar. We’ll show you how to do it here.

Vanity URLs

Before, if you wanted to send people directly to a page on your website, you’d have to deliver a long and complicated web address. Now, when creating or editing a page, you can enter a shorter, more memorable “friendly name” ( for example). With a name that’s easier to remember, you’ll attract more visitors to your page!

Mapbox Integration

Add some visual and informative flair to your site with an interactive map. If your organization has created a map using Mapbox, you can quickly add it to your site by selecting the Map Page Element. If you don’t have a map created in Mapbox, you can still link to another external map using the US Map Page Element.

If you haven’t already checked out these tools, we encourage you to give them a try to give your fans a better way to connect with your organization.