Softball Drills: Numbered Ball Drill

The numbered ball drill is a fun and valuable training tool for batters of all skill levels. This exercise helps players learn how to keep their eye on the ball, reminding them to use proper stance and knuckles, and step into their swings. Unlike traditional batting drills where the batter swings each time the ball passes her, in this drill, she simply focuses on keeping track of which softball number goes by.

By practicing this skill regularly, batters will become more attentive and better equipped to handle anything that comes their way at the plate. Whether they are facing fastballs or curveballs, complex pitch sequences, or simple ones, batters who master the numbered ball drill will be sure to have a clear head and steady eye throughout every at-bat. So if you're looking for a fun way to improve your batting skills and hone your competitive edge, don't forget about the valuable benefits of the numbered ball drill!

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