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Soccer Terms Explained

Boy kicking soccer ball

Communication is a big part of the game. Your child will be introduced to more words and phrases as they play and get into specific situations, but these are some of the first ones you might hear.

Corner Pass

This is how you’d set up a crossing pass. As you run down the field to score, kick the ball into the corner for your teammate to go after and kick back to you.

Crossing Pass

This is when you kick the ball from the corner or side of the field into the middle to one of your teammates in an attempt to score.

Give-and-go Pass

If you have the ball and want to pass it to your teammate so you can get open before getting the ball back, you’d yell out “give and go.”


This is what you’d shout if someone on your team made a really impressive goal. Golazo!

Make a Run

When your teammate throws in or kicks off the ball, don’t just stand there and watch. Instead, move in
a figure-eight position to get open, then run to an open space so they can pass you the ball.


When the attacker kicks the ball through the defender’s legs without the defender being able to stop it.

Open Space

The area of the field that no one from either team is using. If you hear this, go to that space and own it.

Overlap Pass

If you have the ball and your teammate runs past you from behind and yells “overlap,” that means you should pass the ball forward so they can take the ball on the run.


If you have the ball but the other team is defending close to you, your teammate might yell “support,” indicating you should pass them the ball, run to get open, then be ready for a return pass.

Use Your Body

If the ball is coming at you, get in front of it and use any part of your body (except your hands, of course) to stop, redirect, or control the ball.

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