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The Power of the Premier League at the World Stage

The Premier League is the most viewed professional domestic soccer league in the world, with players vying to join a Premier League club from every corner of the globe. Due to its high level of play, the Premier League has sent more players to the World Cup than any other league in Europe for the last 6 consecutive tournaments. In Russia 2018, the Premier League sent a total of 107 players, 26 more than runner-up La Liga which sent 81 players.

In 2022, the Premier League’s dominance is expected to continue for the 7th straight World Cup as the league with the highest player contribution. The “Big Six” combined are expected to dispatch around 90 players, with Chelsea (20 potential players), Man United (18), Tottenham (17), and Man City (15) all essentially sending their entire rosters. Following closely behind are Liverpool (9), Arsenal (6), Wolves (7), and most other clubs sending a handful of players.

Here are some of the stars you see playing for club weekly in the Premier League that will suit up for their respective countries in Qatar 2022™ this November:

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