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Dressed to Play: Soccer

Boy kicking soccer ball

Soccer is a minimal equipment sport, but there are a few items your child will need for the game.

Shin guards

These come in different sizes based on your child’s height and weight. Look on the package for a guide to what size is best for your child. (Tip: shin guards are meant to be worn inside their socks.)

Soccer socks

These socks are made of athletic-intended materials and are long enough to fit over the length of the shin guards.


Get soccer-specific cleats; never choose metal ones. If you’re just starting out, tennis shoes are OK, but cleats are recommended.

Athletic clothes

Your child will want to wear clothing that’s easy to move around and run in, such as athletic shorts and a T-shirt, avoiding anything heavy or baggy. If your child needs a jersey or pinnie, the team or organization will either provide it or have it available for purchase.

Water bottle

This isn’t required, but we definitely encourage it. Your child will be running around a lot, and hydration is key.

Soccer ball

The size of the ball your child will need depends on his or her age. Follow these guidelines when purchasing.

Size 3 (Junior)

for ages 8 and under

Size 4 (Youth)

for ages 8 to 12

Size 5 (Adult)

for ages 13 and older

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