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Discussion Guide: Goal! The Dream Begins


Movie Synopsis

The amazingly gifted Santiago Munez, a young immigrant living in the barrios of Los Angeles, has an impossible dream -- to play soccer for a world-class team. Unexpectedly getting a tryout with one of England's premier soccer clubs, Newcastle United, Santiago finds himself totally alone in a world where soccer is a religion and the players are gods. Now he not only has to prove he has the passion, talent, and determination to make it alongside the best in the world, but he has to overcome his own demons and those of others. Filled with memorable characters, great heart, and real-life soccer legends, GOAL! THE DREAM BEGINS is a triumphant story about believing in your dreams.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Besides being good at soccer, what other qualities do you think Glen sees in Santiago that makes him want to recruit him for Newcastle United?
  2. Compare the relationship between Santiago and the people in his life: his father, his grandmother, Glen, Gavin, and Roz. What similarities and differences can you find?
  3. Why does Santiago’s father have such a hard time accepting his love of soccer?
  4. Does Santiago possess qualities of a Triple-Impact Competitor®? Explain.
  5. What life lessons does Santiago learn from Erik Dornheim, the manager for Newcastle United?

What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that film includes some loud and body-slamming soccer action, usually leading to someone's face bruised or a limb brutally banged. Characters lie to one another (including family members) in order to achieve ambitions. British teammates make fun of Santiago at first. A decadent star soccer player appears drunk and hung over repeatedly; he also appears with multiple sex partners (sex takes place off-screen, following brief kiss or embrace). Characters smoke cigarettes and drink, a couple of characters appear to have been snorting cocaine during a party scene, as they sniff and rub their noses.

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