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Skateboards: How They're Made and the Best Board for Your First Ride

Skateboarding is a difficult sport that requires consistent training to be successful. For new skaters, the hardest decision to make is which skateboard to buy. Skateboards can be made of different types of wood and there are numerous types of skateboards available. How many different types of skateboards can you name? Some popular options include Old School, Street, Cruiser, and Short Boards.

Types of skateboards

Street boards

Street boards are the most recognizable type of board in contemporary urban skating. These boards also go by the name "Popsicles" as a result of their form, which is similar to that of a popsicle stick. They were the first boards to be invented for acrobatics and feats. These skateboards hold up well to the test of time. They typically come in 33" length variants and range in width from 7.5" to 8.75". Street skateboard wheels are some of the most robust, compact, and long-lasting types of wheels. These skates are perfect for skating on the streets, ramps, and swimming pools. They offer the greatest variety. Plus, with a good grip tape, you'll see an immediate improvement in your skills. They are designed for people who have a certain amount of skating expertise.

Old school

This type of board has a square tail and is longer than 9". Old school skateboards have the most historical significance and aren't frequently utilized for flip tricks. Typically, they have softer, bigger wheels than current skateboards.

Short boards

Shorter skateboards were created to perform stunts. Professional skaters can master the most complex feats and stunts in skating on this kind of board. This board is the ideal option if you enjoy street skating but lack the expertise necessary to purchase a more expensive, high-end board.

How is a skateboard deck made?

  1. Draw the shape of the skateboard on paper. This step seems simple, but it will be crucial for the rest of the project. To have a perfectly symmetrical design. Fold your sheet of paper in half and draw 1/2 of the skateboard on each side. After you've drawn half of the board on each side of your folded paper, open it to reveal a perfectly symmetrical skateboard deck shape.
  2. Cut out the shape of the deck. Clamp the paper to a board and take a jigsaw or a bandsaw and trace the shape you created in step 1. 
  3. Make the fillets on the upper face of the board. To round the edges, there are 2 solutions; Either do it with the router or sandpaper.

Why and when to choose a bamboo deck?

Skateboarding enthusiasts have been embracing bamboo skateboards at a high rate of growth. This is due to the extreme flexibility and near-indestructibility of bamboo decks. A bamboo skateboard is still not widely known or used. 

Compared to maple, bamboo skateboards are lighter and more durable. Therefore, as you practice stunts and improve your abilities, you have more "pop." Nothing works as well as bamboo. An impact is better absorbed by bamboo than by maple. Bamboo boards are naturally shock-absorbing and will function at the highest level for much longer than a maple board.

Skateboards made of bamboo are a more ecologically friendly option than conventional boards. Bamboo is super flexible, grows more quickly and uses a lot less water than trees do. One maple tree is preserved for every skateboard made from bamboo.

A company called Bamboo Skateboards based in Encinitas, California is an environmentally conscious business that produces high-quality skateboards from managed forests of sustainable bamboo. They are social entrepreneurs who think that contributing to the community is just as important as making money.

Bamboo is a limitless resource and consumption of it has virtually no environmental impact. The company's goal is focused on finding alternative methods of skateboard construction when skating replaced hardwood floors as one of the main causes of maple deforestation. Bamboo is a sustainable material choice that helps to produce better boards. Skateboards made of bamboo are more durable, lighter, and stronger than maple decks.

Why and when to choose a maple deck?

One of the most popular woods for skateboards is said to be Canadian Maple. Although the maple wood used to make the boards is highly robust and long-lasting, they can also be sufficiently flexible to withstand the shock of hard landings, on-ramps, and other obstacles. Because maple is resilient and can handle a lot of wear and tear, it is the perfect material for a skateboard. Maple boards are perfect for both experts who want to utilize their board frequently and beginners who want to enhance their skating abilities. Pro skaters are increasingly choosing maple skateboards as their preferred brand in the skateboard industry. For more experienced riders who wish to perform tricks and flips, maple decks are very durable and strong.

For those looking for a speedy board that can still withstand some punishment, the lightweight maple construction is a smart choice. Riders often have a wide selection of maple boards to pick from because they typically come in several designs and hues. Because it performs the best, maple is a type of wood that is frequently used in skateboards. The substance of maple wood is highly robust and is not easily broken, cracked, or splintered. The natural texture of maple wood gives the board a more pleasant ride. Whether you are jumping down a large stair set, hitting a rail, or even soaring around on a halfpipe, maple absorbs shock better, so it won't shatter.

Hybrid boards: maple and bamboo

Skateboards made of 100% bamboo are far superior to hybrid boards made of maple and bamboo. A hybrid skateboard made of bamboo and maple is a waste of effort and money because it will still break more quickly than a bamboo skateboard. What's the best type of wood to use? The answer is bamboo. When you purchase a hybrid deck made of maple and bamboo, you are ultimately contributing to the devastation of the maple tree. Pure bamboo decks are the greatest because of this. Sustainable bamboo deep concave blank decks are made from managed bamboo forests.

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Myriam Temam is newly passionate about skateboarding and has been practicing for more than a year now. She always was interested in this sport but didn't dare to start until last year. When she finally got the courage to start, she was really happy about her choice and loves to cruise and practice during the summer. When Myriam started skateboarding, she decided to launch Musterr. Musterr is a place for people who are interested or passionate about skateboarding and are looking to learn more about this sport or to buy a new board.

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