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Set Your Applicants Up for Background Check Success

Establishing and implementing a background screening program for your organization is the first step to protecting your athletes and organization. 

Whether your organization just set up its first screening program or you’ve been using NCSI for years, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for communicating the screening process to your applicants.

Here are our best practices for getting your volunteers and coaches screened with NCSI:

1. Set up the correct requirements

Establish the right background screening requirements for your organization that will meet the safety standards and criteria for the type of programs you run. If you’re part of a national governing body, you likely have requirements that your club needs to meet when it comes to conducting background checks. Or you may have a national program set up with a screening criteria that must be met for your organization. To ensure you’re running a full and complete check on an applicant’s history, add on additional screening services such as Motor Vehicle Search (MVR) or Social Media Screenings. 

Once you’ve evaluated the required standards and screenings, it’s time to outline how your applicants will submit their background checks.

2. Send your applicants to the right place

It’s likely that the background screening program you’ve chosen provides your organization with a way for applicants to submit their screenings online. For NCSI background checks, there are two ways for your applicants to submit a screening depending on the process you established with an account manager when setting up your account. Use these helpful NCSI resources to communicate which option your organization utilizes and where applicants need to go.

As a best practice, always ensure that your applicants know where to go to complete a background screening. Guiding them to the right place will allow them to complete their requirements quickly so that they are eligible to coach, volunteer, or work for your organization as soon as possible. 

3. Communicate your process with your applicants

For the background screening process to run smoothly for your applicants, it is essential that you communicate your organization’s process from the start. Not only will this save your applicants from headaches, but it will also help them to submit their screenings faster so you can get the right coaches and volunteers on the field in time for your season’s start date.

Pro Tip: Want to make the background screening submission process even easier? Include the link for the location where your applicants should submit their background check directly on your website. This way you can easily refer applicants to the correct location every time!

Are you a youth sports organization? SportsEngine HQ has all the tools to help set up a program that allows you to easily track, manage, and remind individuals to complete their background screening, all from a single place, directly integrated with NCSI background screenings.

SportsEngine HQ also provides you with the ability to ensure that coaches and volunteers have completed other necessary requirements like abuse prevention training, waivers, code of conducts, and more. 

Learn more and get started today.

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