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Keep Youth Athletes Safe: Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 in Youth Sports

Athlete safety has always been at the forefront of youth sports. Whether it's equipment upgrades or rule changes, guidelines are always evolving. Due to COVID-19, increased hygiene practices, social distancing, equipment use, and more have been implemented to ensure your athletes are staying safe and healthy.

As kids begin to take the field, court, diamond, and any other sporting field of play, new rules and regulations have been put into place to ensure their safety. Parents, spectators, coaches, and officials must regulate these new precautions amongst the youth athletes. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a document outlining how to keep the athlete safe and reduce the spread the virus.

CDC Outline

Reduce Physical Closeness Between Players When Possible

  • Allow players to focus on building individual skills, like batting, dribbling, kicking, and strength training

  • Limit full contact between players to game days (avoid during practice)

  • Increase space between players in the practice areas, including on the sideline, dugout, and bench areas

  • Avoid high fives, handshakes, fist bumps or hugs

Minimize Sharing of Equipment or Gear

Limit Travel Outside of Your Area

  • Consider competing against teams in your local area (neighborhood, town, or community)

Identify Small Groups and Keep Them Together

  • Avoid mixing between groups

  • Stagger the arrival and drop off of each group to limit interaction

  • Have scrimmages within the team to limit exposure

Seating Plans for Spectators

  • Implement plans to space out spectators by 6 feet at games or competitions

  • Limit nonessential visitors, spectators, and volunteers

Low to High Activity Risk

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