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Vibe Volleyball Academy

Naples, FL

Our Sports

  • Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball


VIBE Volleyball Academy is the premiere non-travel indoor volleyball, semi-travel indoor volleyball, and competitive beach volleyball training program within the southwest Florida region. Our programs are designed to instill a pathway that leads to the complete all around skill development, both mentally and physically, of our athletes.

As the sport of volleyball explodes across the nation it continues to become more and more competitive each year, we at VIBE Volleyball Academy recognize the need for young players to not only enjoy the game, but to also establish a higher level of skill development through proper training. As this occurs, the youth in our area will excel in the sport of volleyball throughout their competitive careers in school, travel club, college, the beach, and beyond. If you’re looking for high level training without the large travel and financial commitment found in traditional travel club, join the VIBE Volleyball Academy family today.

Contact Info

David Benoit (239) 285-8525
681 11th Street Sw
Naples, FL 34117