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Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio

Gahanna, OH

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  • Swimming


It is GCSTO's mission to offer a very progressive and developmentally advanced swimming program to our swimmers. We wish to provide a continually evolving and state of the art program structure to the athlete who wishes to dedicate themselves to this sport and to that which is required to achieve excellence in this sport even at a national level and international level as GCSTO is developed more national and international caliber athletes than all age group teams combined in the central Ohio area. Not every athlete will arrive to such a level of excellence that they become an Olympian but every athlete can learn what it takes to achieve such excellence. And by doing so, any swimmer can then take advantage of the opportunity to pursue the highest level of performance excellence possible for the level of dedication that they have chosen to commit to in this sport. It is our goal to provide our swimmers with an exciting, fun, educational and challenging environment in which they are able to strive to achieve their dreams in this sport. 

Our primary goal is to provide an environment that promotes personal development in all of our team members. We wish to nurture and promote those traits that have proven to be the essence of personal success… discipline, dedication, commitment, work ethic, respect & loyalty all, of which, lie at the very core of this success. In terms of an athlete’s career, we focus first on developing athleticism in our swimmers through an extensive dry land training program. This allows for greater balance, coordination, strength, endurance and body mass control development in our swimmers. In the water we focus on creating the kicker and the stroke technician next. From these 3 will come the racer!        

Carefully planning the stages that an athlete goes through in their development ensures a greater chance for a long, successful career in this sport. Fear should be raised not from what is demanded to achieve excellence in life but from what excuses hold us down to remain average players in our lives. We will educate our members towards all aspects of swimming and provide programs suitable to their needs and desires while trying to assist these athletes in determining their short and long term goals in this sport. 

In pursuit of the achievement of our mission and in line with our philosophy… every individual, regardless of ability level, will be treated with equal fairness and concern for the longevity of a quality career in the sport of swimming. No athlete has to be "fast enough" to be considered for membership onto our team as making them faster is our job!   

AND DON'T FORGET OUR GREATER COLUMBUS SWIM SCHOOL which is our instructional swimming lesson program. It's the longest standing program of any club team in the area and we host lessons at no less than 7-8 facilities throughout the year!

Contact Info

Steve Nye 614-478-5445
P.O. Box 30483
Gahanna, OH 43230


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