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Welcome to the Athletes' Village for the Paralympic Games!

While the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 may have come to an end, the sporting excellence, spirit, and fun don't end there. Now it's time to ramp up the world's excitement for the Paralympic Games beginning on 24 August.

And one of the most talked-about venues during the Paralympics is the Athletes’ Village which was fully opened to the Para athletes on 17 August along with the installation of the Paralympic symbol - the green, blue, red agitos - to mark that the Paralympic Games are truly here.

The Village for Para athletes

Located on the picturesque Harumi waterfront district of Tokyo and surrounded by the sea on three sides - athletes will have stunning views of Tokyo Bay and the famed Rainbow Bridge so they’ll be prepared to manage their hectic schedules with everything village life has to offer at the Athletes Village.

Amenities are the same as in the Olympics - there's the Dining Hall opened 24/7, with roughly 700 food options on offer, catering for all preferences from Halal, vegetarian to gluten-free, plus it's a stone throw's away from the stunning Village Plaza. As one of the sustainability initiatives of Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, the plaza has been constructed from timber donated by 63 municipalities from across Japan and will be returned after the Games.

The whole village is barrier-free so para athletes will be able to unwind throughout the Village as well as at Harumi Port Park, which features massage chairs at the Relaxation House and a playground, shaped like a pirate ship. There is also Harumi Greenway and the recreation centre in the Multi-function complex, where many fierce table tennis battles could take place.



In the residential facilities, bed frames have been made of cardboard and are 100 per cent recyclable while blackout curtains have been installed to allow sleep at any time during the day. Considerations in the closet design and height as well as the corridors have also been made for wheelchair users.

At the transport mall, which will be where athletes come and go between their competition venues, there are tiles for guiding visually impaired people.

Keeping with the theme of being the most innovative Paralympic Games, the internal shuttle buses are autonomous with nine bus stops around the main facilities. They also feature stairless boarding and disembarking.

And for the first time in the history of the Games, there will also be a dedicated treatment programme which will provide comprehensive medical care for female athletes at the Clinic Complex (Polyclinic).

COVID-19 protocols are also in place including a dedicated Fever Clinic for diagnosing and testing athletes showing symptoms as well as a dedicated area for close contacts.

First aid clinic

What's more, at the Village plaza, there will be a repair booth to fix and maintain equipment and prosthetics used by athletes for competition with booths available across competition venues too. The booths will be manned by a repair staff who can speak various languages so athletes can communicate easily.

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