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History of the Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony marks the end of the Games and has been part of the modern games since its inception in 1896. However, the Parade of Athletes didn’t come into existence until 1956. It is one final chance for the athletes to come together and celebrate as ‘one nation’ and rea" rm the Olympic spirit and values of Citius—Altius—Fortius (or Faster)—Higher—Stronger.

Order of Elements

  1. Entry and welcome
  2. Playing the National Anthem
  3. Entry of the nation’s flags
  4. Parade of Athletes
  5. Victory ceremony
  6. Intro of the Athletes’ Commissions new members
  7. Moment of Remembrance
  8. Playing of the Greek National anthem
  9. Lowering the Olympic flag and flag handover ceremony
  10. Next host city artistic segment
  11. OCOG president’s speech and IOC president’s speech
  12. Extinguishing the Olympic Flame
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