Biathletes must have the eye of a sharpshooter, the strength of an NFL running back, and the endurance of a long-distance runner. During a biathlon, athletes compete on skis through a cross-country course while shooting at targets along the way. Once a Norwegian exercise used for military training, it’s now a popular event at the Winter Olympics.

Competing in his fourth Olympic Winter Games, Lowell Bailey is a champion biathlete looking for a championship run and place on the podium.

Ready to strap in and give us your best shot?

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The US Biathlon Association supports and encourages biathlon development in the United States, and prepares athletes for international competition, including the Olympic Winter Games. Since 1980, we’ve worked with Biathlon Clubs and Regional Centers to organize training and competition at the grassroots level, and continue to provide staffing and financing for the US Biathlon National, Development, and Junior Teams.

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Tim Hipps, IMCOM Public Affairs