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What Supplements Are Safe to Use?

Have you evaluated your diet, met with a physician, and fine-tuned your training program only to find that you really do need to use a supplement? Now it’s time to decide which supplements might actually work and learn how to pick the lowest-risk product possible. Keep reading!

Through this five-part series on supplements, you will find an overview of the dietary supplement industry so that you can decide if the potential benefits of dietary supplements outweigh the risks. And, if you find you do need to use supplements, how you can better choose a low-risk product.

If a dietary supplement is the most realistic way for an athlete to obtain necessary dietary ingredients, how do you pick the safest one?

There is no risk-free way to choose a supplement, as the only way to have zero risk is to not use supplements. But you can reduce the risk significantly by following USADA’s Decision-Making Flow Chart.

If using a dietary supplement is needed, the best way to reduce the risk of using a low-quality or contaminated product is to choose one that is certified by a USADA-recommended third party.

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