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3 Easy and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes

If you bought an Instant Pot (or any type of pressure cooker) in the hope that it would simplify your life and cooking, but now it rarely gets used, then this is the article for you. When dealing with packed schedules for kids in different sports, plus your own work and other obligations, finding time for a 25-step process to get dinner ready in a pressure cooker is not an option. After all, this is a device that’s supposed to save time, not require more!

So, we're keeping things simple: No precise measurements, drawn-out prep instructions, or lengthy cook times here. These Instant Pot recipes are truly easy to make, with minimal muss and fuss required. You've probably looked up 'easy' recipes in the past and realized quickly that they would still require extra equipment, tons of fresh veggies or herbs, and timers set to change the Instant Pot settings as things cook. Not here. We're also focusing on healthy whole food ingredients, but we're not above using simple canned or frozen options over fresh.

Whole Chicken PLUS Chicken Soup

If you love the classic roasted whole chicken for Sunday dinner, consider swapping to an Instant Pot for a simple way to make this classic dish with almost no cleanup. You won't get the same crispy skin on the chicken, but you'll get a perfectly cooked chicken that's still nice and moist, plus zero mess and a tasty broth that can be repurposed for another dinner later in the week.

This will make two meals for three people each.

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