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Setting Up and Managing Your Upcoming Season in SportsEngine HQ

Season Management

Managing your season in SportsEngine HQ is getting a facelift, enhanced functionality, and all-new auto-scheduling capabilities.

Youth sports don’t happen without the ability to set up, manage and facilitate play each and every season. However, it can take time to complete this process each year. We’ve been listening to your feedback to create an all-new solution for this upcoming season.

Accomplish everything you could previously within Sport Management in far less time and with fewer clicks in Season Management. See the full breakdown of Sport Management vs. Season Management in SportsEngine HQ.

Let's get into the good stuff - how will this benefit my organization?
  • Get time back by spending minutes instead of hours setting up your season each year.
  • Improved communication to various levels of your organization, like divisions, age groups, and specific teams.
  • Never build a schedule alone; utilize our schedule assistant to help you set up schedule rules, manage facilities, generate matchups, and schedule games. 
  • Limited restrictions to where and how you showcase your schedule, stats, and rosters on your website.
  • Complete everything from a single page in SportsEngine HQ.

To start utilizing Season Management, please reach out to us to get this turned on for you. Your organization will automatically upgrade to Season Management at the upcoming renewal date. 


Want to learn more? Watch the video below to hear from Jessica Christiansen, Director of Product Management, on what to expect with Season Management for your upcoming season.