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National Youth Sports Week Proclamation

Congratulations! You've decided to ask your city or state to support National Youth Sports Week with a proclamation. Here are the three simple steps for getting your government to proclaim the third week of October National Youth Sports Week.

Contact the State or Local Government Office

First, determine whether you would like a proclamation from your city, county, or state. Find their website remembering most government agencies' websites end in .gov—don't be fooled by other sites wanting to sell you government look-alike documents.

Oftentimes, you will find a tab called “Ceremonial” or “Forms,” under which the proclamation request guidelines may be located. You will also likely find a template or more details on their process for filing the proclamation.

Draft your Proclamation

Next comes the part. There are two styles of proclamations, traditional and modern. We've provided a PDF version of a traditional template that you can use to help draft your proclamation. Be sure to carefully review the guidelines from the governmental agency for whom you are drafting the proclamation, as small mistakes may cause it to be rejected.

Follow the Guidelines for Submitting a Proclamation Request

Again, read the requirements carefully for submitting the proclamation. Many municipalities require a cover letter to accompany the proclamation itself. In the cover letter, be sure to cover the following topics:

  • A draft text of the proclamation in the preferred format
  • The purpose of the proclamation (e.g., Alcohol Awareness Month, Red Ribbon Week, or National Youth Sports Week)
  • The date when the proclamation is needed
  • A brief history of your organization
  • The name and daytime contact information for the person handling the proclamation

Finally, make sure you leave enough time for the wheels of government to turn. As we all know, things don't typically happen quickly, but by following this process, you should be able to get your proclamation for National Youth Sports Week.


Cover Letter Template

Fillable Proclamation Template

National Youth Sports Week

WHEREAS, the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) unites its members, youth sports organizations, the young people they serve, the public at large, and other key stakeholders to celebrate National Youth Sports Week across the country; and

WHEREAS, this annual event will promote the importance and benefits of youth sports; and

WHEREAS, youth sports are a means to promote and achieve the nation’s health and well-being goals by creating physically fit youth, increasing social and emotional resilience, improving academic performance, and developing transformational leaders; and

WHEREAS, now more than ever, young people need the power of active play to reap the many benefits of youth sports; and

WHEREAS, all youth deserve the right to play and participate in sports in a diverse, equitable, inclusive, supportive, and safe environment led by trained coaches; and

WHEREAS, the [Name of Your Organization] is joining the celebration of National Youth Sports Week with NCYS and its member organizations, which reach some 60 million young people registered into organized youth sports programs through their services and community involvement;

NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the [Government Entity Name], I, [Name and Title of the Government Official], do hereby proclaim November 24-29, 2022, as:


In [Name of City or Town and State] and urge all citizens to join with us in recognizing and commending the (Name of Your Organization) and all National Council of Youth Sports organizations in our area for providing their everyday contributions and commitment to improving the lives of the children and young adults in our communities.

PROCLAIMED this [Day of the Month] day of [Month, Year]

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