Sanya Richards-Ross: Overcoming Adversity

PCA National Advisory Board Member, Sanya Richards-Ross (@SanyaRichiRoss), is a world champion and Olympic gold medalist in track & field. She was an imperative leader on the four-time World Championship and three-time Olympic gold medal 4x400m relay team. Considered one of the world’s fastest women, she has the most sub-50 second 400m races in history. Named Visa Humanitarian of the Year in 2005, her namesake charity, the Sanya Richards Fast Track Program benefits children in need in her native Jamaica. After announcing her retirement at the 2016 Olympic Trials Sanya quickly joined the NBC Olympic broadcasting team where she color commentated all the sprinting events at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In this clip, Sanya talks about how adversity and challenge made her the athlete and person she is today. When things come too easy, Sanya believes it may kill an athlete's drive, or will to be better next time. She credits her success and career to the adversity she faced in the 2008 Olympics.

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