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How to Help Your Athlete Come Back After a Bad Decision

No matter what bad decision your athlete made, the first step towards staging a comeback is to understand that a bad decision isn’t the same as being a bad person.

When we talk about decision-making, it’s with the understanding that not every decision is going to be the right one. Games are lost, tests are failed, and athletes are constantly reminded of bad decisions made during a game or school.

It’s impossible to get through an athletic career (or life) without some bad decisions along the way. But how an athlete comes back from those bad decisions and mistakes—both big and small— is what truly defines a champion. Jim Afremow, PhD, LPC, and author of The Young Champion’s Mind: How to Think, Train, and Thrive Like an Elite Athlete and The Champion’s Comeback: How Great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Reignite shares some tips for parents and coaches to help them navigate the tricky waters of staging a comeback.


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