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Join the Home of Youth Sports™ is the home of youth sports, featuring sports program listings and curated content for youth athletes, families, coaches, admins, and fans. 

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Spreading the love of sport

In partnership with NBC Sports, we fervently promote the value of participation in youth sports—online and on air. Our commercials have been broadcast during some of the most popular sports events—including the Olympics and the World Cup—and our digital advertisements receive premier placement across NBC Sports properties.

Our ongoing efforts help drive youth sports signups all year long on

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Driving participation with powerful partnerships

We’ve teamed up with more than 30 National Governing Bodies (NGB) across North America to encourage kids to try a variety of sports and increase signups for their affiliated clubs. 

Clubs that are connected to an NGB get a boost on and are often presented first to families searching for programs—along with special placement on their NGB’s dedicated page.

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Getting more kids in the game

In February 2019, we partnered with USA Hockey to promote their Try Hockey for Free program that invites kids to strap on skates, grab a stick, and discover the sport of hockey at a local youth hockey club—for free. 

The program was a great success, resulting in an influx of program signups at 350 hockey associations across the U.S.

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Frequently asked questions


How do I build a listing?

Creating a program listing is easy! Start by finding your organization in our directory and creating a SportsEngine account, then you will be guided through the process step-by-step.

How much does it cost?

Free! Create an unlimited amount of program listings with a free SportsEngine account.

When is the best time to make a listing for my sport?

There’s no bad time to post a program! However, having your listing updated and ready to go at least one month before you open registration is recommended.

What kind of listings can I create? features four listing types. They are regular season play, tournaments, camps & clinics, and virtual programs. You can create as many programs of each type as you would like on the site.

What do I do after I make a listing?

Watch the signups roll in and start working on your next listing!

Where do I go for help creating a listing?

Visit our help center or check out this helpful article about creating a listing.