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Lacrosse Terms Explained

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Your child will have a tough time getting the hang of lacrosse if he doesn’t understand the game’s lingo. Communication between players, coaches and referees is crucial to the game. Here are a few terms you and your child will come across on the lacrosse field.


When one player passes the ball to another and it leads directly to a goal without the scorer having to dodge a defender.


Transitioning the ball from the defensive half to the offensive half.


A circle around the goal with a radius of 9 feet into which only defensive players may enter.

Extra player opportunity

The advantage gained from an opposing player serving his or her penalty time. Also known as being a “man-up” or, when referring to the team serving the penalty, “man-down.”


Used to start each half of play and restart play after a goal. One player from each team crouches at midfield, holding their sticks parallel on the ground with the ball in between. At the whistle, the players vie from control of the ball.


A commonly used abbreviation of lacrosse.


An infraction for having too many players on one half of the field. The number of players allowed on the offensive or defensive side of the field varies for age and style of play.


When an offensive player blocks the path of a defender by standing stationary and motionless in his or her path.

Raking the ball

A backward scooping motion to gain possession of the ball. At no time may a field player use the back of his stick to cover or rake the ball backwards. They may only use a forward scooping motion to attempt to gain possession of the ball.


Using your stick to intentionally hit another player.

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