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Getting into Position: Lacrosse

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Players 8 and younger play with no goalie. Starting at 10U, players begin to learn the four basic positions, often spending equal time in each position to help them discover where they are happiest and most successful. As players grow older, they often spend more time and attention mastering the skills of one position.

Lacrosse positions on the field




Attackers spend their time on the offensive half of the field and are responsible for scoring goals. They rely on their teammates to stop the other team and pass them the ball.




Midfielders or “Middies” transition between offense and defense and do a little bit of everything. They are responsible for moving the ball from defensive to offensive players.




Defenders spend much of the game on the defensive half of the field attempting to stop the opposing offense using stick and body checks.




The goalie’s job is to block and catch shots using his body and stick.


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