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Basic Karate Moves for Beginners


Unlike others with endless movements, Karate consists of only a handful of moves and techniques. Yet do not underestimate it! You are capable of knocking out an enemy in seconds if you get the hang of this martial art.

So what is the best way to become a Karate master? Do not surprised at the answer: practice basic moves again and again. Scroll down to learn more.

Why Basic Karate Moves are Essential

Even complicated Karate moves are built from the basic Karate movements for a newbie. Frequent practice of the basics will train your muscle memory so that you will do all the moves naturally and skillfully, even before conscious thought in a fight.

Basic moves are essential in Karate

Imagine you are fighting against a skilled opponent. If you have not trained the basic techniques often enough, chances are you will be busy thinking about how to put your feet or your arms right before attacking. This will deprive you of the time to focus on strategies and tactics while allowing a split second for your opponent to strike and score a point.

In a nutshell, it is essential to practice basic Karte moves for beginners again and again. I dare to say that one can master the art of Karate by learning mostly basics without advancing to higher levels.

How to Practice Basic Moves

The basics in Karate goes under the name Kihon. It includes  Stances (Tachikata), Punches (Tsuki), Blocks (Uke), and Kicks (Geri). I will go through the techniques of each and especially, how to do it properly. You may find it too easy to practice at some points, but the key is to understand every move and “feel’ it. Do not rush at any costs!

Stances (Tachikata)

Stances are basically standing, but there are some techniques required to do stances correctly. Proper stances will allow us to maintain balance while attacking and defending with maximum effect.

basic karate moves for beginners

There are a handful of different stances, each of which will match different situations, and I will discuss that later. Now I am focusing on how to do specific stances properly.

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