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How To Make Your Hotel Feel More Like Home

Living out of a hotel room, no matter how long, can wreak havoc on kids’ and adults’ schedules alike. Everything is different—eating, sleeping, basically your entire daily routine. Bringing a small bit of home along with you can help make everyone feel more comfortable, more at home, and help make the transition back to a regular schedule a little easier.

Tunes To-Go

It can be tempting to overdo TV watching in a hotel room when there is not much else to fill the quiet. If you’re trying to minimize TV time, get some work done, or have an impromptu dance party, bring a Bluetooth speaker the next time you travel. The whole family can listen to favorite playlists or stay entertained with podcasts. Plus, there’s nothing like some upbeat jams to get your athlete motivated for game day.

Get Comfortable

You’re either in the camp of unpacking immediately or living out of a suitcase as long as possible but hear us out. If you’re staying in a hotel for more than a night or two, try unpacking your suitcase as soon as you get there. It might feel strange, but it can definitely help you feel more at home and settled. Knowing where their clothes and belongings are will also help kids get ready for the day on their own and keep a consistent routine.

Bring Home With You

Your to-pack list is already long, but it may be worth it to pack a few things that remind you and your family of home. A favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or pillow can help make bedtime go much more smoothly. Maybe you can’t start the day without your smoothie or end it without a bag of microwave popcorn. While you can’t bring everything, try to think of a few small treats you’d normally leave behind. A white noise machine, sleep mask, ear plugs, humidifier, scented spray, and cozy sweatpants help make each day a little more comfortable. Keeping up with as much of your daily routine as you can is also helpful. Try to read before bed if that’s what you’d normally do, and resist the urge of watching TV or looking at your phone in bed before trying to sleep. You’ve got a long day of cheering on the home team ahead of you, after all!

Make a Self-Care Moment

Traveling takes a toll on the body, not to mention sitting on bleachers or uncomfortable chairs all day. Try to get away from it all for a self-care moment, however small. Do a face mask, take a long bath (don’t forget the bubbles!), read a book in bed, take a solo walk, or have a cup of tea. They can go a long way and help rejuvenate you for whatever’s next.

Get Fresh Air

You probably wouldn’t sit inside your house for days at a time, but the impulse to live from bed in a hotel room can be strong. Try to get some exercise or fresh air to break up the day. This can be a fun opportunity to check out a new town as a family and challenge each other to get the most steps. 

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