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Start Practice With Six Progressive Over-Speed Hockey Drills

Explain to the players that the puck should not slow them down. Encourage players to push the puck because when they stickhandle it too much it will slow them down

Overspeed hockey drills are ones that force players to move their feet faster than what they are comfortable with.  When you are looking for a high tempo practice then starting the practice with a series of overspeed drills can be a good idea.

Depending on the type of practice you envision you most likely have a bank of drills that you call upon.  I typically like to gear the warm towards the practice so that the warm up will not only get the heart pumping a little bit, but also lead into what we will be working on in that particular session.  For example, the day before a tournament or a big game we work on special teams quite a bit. We like to use a warm up in which the players are passing and receiving the puck a couple hundred times.

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