Shoot The Puck Harder with this Free Challenge

Part 1: Sniper Drill 

The Sniper Drill is part of a full 7-day shooting challenge from Hockey Labs. For this teaser portion of the challenge, you’ll get to test your sniper skills. We’ll work on the Auston Matthews drag and snipe move. Pulling that puck close into your body, then releasing that snapshot. 

What you’ll need to prep for the challenge

  1. An obstacle to simulate the defender, or a partner, teammate, or parent to act as the defender
  2. Set up the obstacle or defender at the top of the circle on your strong side

Keep in mind

  1. Make sure you are doing this drill at speed
  2. Make sure your technique is top-notch
  3. Make sure you are using proper shooting mechanics

Want to start lighting the lamp on all of the goalies?

Complete the full 7-day Shoot Harder Holiday Challenge from Hockey Labs, for FREE. Plus, for each day you complete, you get entered to win one of three hockey sticks at the end of the challenge!

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